About Guardian Angel

GUARDIAN ANGEL, My Story, My Britain, charts the journey of a journalist and writer who moved from darling of the left to champion of the moral high ground. This memoir of her personal and professional life reflects the cultural changes in society over more than three decades.

Despite writing half-a-dozen influential books over the years and a long-standing weekly column, Melanie has never before written of her childhood, her upbringing and the experiences that made her what she is today. In Guardian Angel she tells the poignant story of lives unfulfilled, hopes dashed and dreams shattered. It is only by understanding where she comes from that she is able to see clearly where she — and the wider world — are heading.

Praise for Guardian Angel

"Uncharacterstically intimate and passionately argued...never uninteresting."
- Viv Groskop, The Observer

"Phillips warrants a place on the high table of social policy thinking"
-Akin Ajayi, Haaretz

"Conservative lion heart"
-Jeff Jacoby, the Boston Globe

"This time it's personal, and compellingly so...a reminder that politics is governed by deep emotions that even in the heat of battle deserve to be understood and respected."
-Gaby Hinsliff, The Guardian

"She reveals much more about herself and her political journey than she has ever done before. It is both honest and moving...There has also been no more courageous figure in British journalism over the past two decades and more, standing up with coolness and dignity to boorish extremists in the audience at BBC TV's Question Time, the target of vicious, misogynistic and downright anti-Semitic online comments in the Guardian and the Independent, to their apparerent indifference. Yet she remains vulnerable and emotional at heart: she records in Guardian Angel her distress at leaving the paper; when she was invited back last year to be interviewed for the latest history of the Guardian, she was surprised to be given a sympathetic hearing..."When I left the Guardian building that day, I wept," she writes...If her ebooks take off and reach the silent majority in the US and the UK, Melanie Phillips will have had the last laugh on those who have consistently underestimated her tenaciousness and self-belief."
-Robert Low, Standpoint magazine

Guardian Angel

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About Melanie Phillips

Melanie Phillips

Author Biography

Melanie Phillips was educated at St Anne’s College,  Oxford. Before joining the Daily Mail she worked for the Guardian, the Observer and the Sunday Times. She writes a monthly column for the London Jewish Chronicle, is a regular panelist on BBC Radio Four’s The Moral Maze, and frequently contributes to other publications around the world including Standpoint magazine, the Spectator, the Australian and Wall Street Journal.

Melanie was awarded the Orwell Prize for journalism...

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